Every Picture Tells a Story

The People’s Picture is an artist led enterprise that creates and designs photographic projects and artwork that deliver a positive social impact. We combine thousands of photographs to tell a story, commemorate an important occasion or bring attention to important social issues. Our projects have been featured in the national news and are held in private and public collections in a diverse range of locations including cathedrals, museums, airports and on the street.

Helen Marshall – Lead Artist

In 2014 Marshall, an award winning artist set up The People’s Picture as a stand alone photo mosaic and design platform. Clients include BBC Television, Tate Britain, Canary Wharf Group and The Photographers’ Gallery. Marshall holds a masters degree in Photography, University of Westminster, a first class BA Hons in Fine Art, University of Wales, Cardiff. You can find out more about her work and exhibitions here.

Lead Artist Helen Marshall

Pau Ros – Photography & Digital Design

Pau Ros is a London based photographer, web designer and developer working within the creative industries. Originally from Barcelona he specialises in people and performance, theatre, dance, live arts, music, creative events, festivals and portraits. He oversees the technical production, processing and web design of the People’s Picture projects. Read more...

Lead Artist Helen Marshall

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