Helen Marshall – Visual Artist

The People’s Picture – A project by award winning artist Helen Marshall. Marshall’s practice is rooted in photography and socially engaged practice. In 2016 she set up The People’s Picture project as a stand alone project platform for her growing portfolio of photo mural work and commissions in the public realm. The People’s Picture combines thousands of photographs to tell a story, commemorate an important occasion or bring attention to important social issues. You can find out more about her previous body of work, education and exhibitions at helenmarshall.co.uk.

Each photo mosaic is assembled from thousands of photos yet every single one tells a story. In 2006 The Big Picture broke the world record for the largest photo mosaic in the world. Clients include BBC TelevisionTate BritainCanary Wharf Group and The Photographers’ Gallery. The People’s Picture projects have been featured in the national news and are held in private and public collections in a diverse range of locations including cathedrals, museums, airports and on the street.




TIMES – LIFE & ARTS – 2017



DAILY MAIL – 2016 BBC National News – 2014

BBC World Service – 2014

BBC Regional News – 2013


METRO – 2013

Daily Mirror -2012

CNN News – 2010

Nikon – Japan – 2003

The Big Picture Reuters Pictures 2008

The Big Picture The Times 2008

The Big Picture The Sun 2008

Today Programme – 2004 – Gao Brothers & Helen Marshall

Marshall is unapologetic about creating work that speaks to the many. In the same way that street art has gained acclaim and notoriety she creates work for an audience at large, often outside the gallery or institutional art space. She is interested in authentic works of visual art that empower people by facilitating them to be co-authors. These works are realised in unexpected public places and contexts and have a performative relationship with photography. By engaging people as the primary producers and contributors of the work the art is revolutionised. Popular icons and faces are featured as the emblems of our time. Patronage and commissions include queens, footballers and the person on the street.


2017 MARK ZUCKERBERG Financial Times Life & Arts, London, United Kingdom

2016 JUBILEE PARK, Canary Wharf Group, London, United Kingdom

2016 REMEMBRANCE ARTWORK, National Memorial Arboretum, Staffordshire, United Kingdom

2016 EYE ON THE ROAD, Southwark Council, London, United Kingdom

2014 THE FACE OF WW1, BBC Television British Broadcasting Corporation, London, United Kingdom

2012 THE PEOPLES MONARCH, BBC Television British Broadcasting Corporation, United Kingdom

2011 HOME SWEET CARY, Cary Visual Art, North Carolina, USA

2010 FRAME IT, Big & Small Project, Tate Britain, London, United Kingdom

2010 HACKNEY’S HERE! Space Studios, London, United Kingdom

2011 STORY OF STRATFORD, Two year Residency, Westfield & A New Direction, United Kingdom

2008 THE BIG PICTURE, Arts Council, BBC, West Midlands, United Kingdom

2007 WHAT HAUNTS YOU? The Photographers’ Gallery, London, United Kingdom

2006 ROSETTA LIFE, Two-year Residency, Royal Free Hospital & Hospices, London, United Kingdom.


2017 NIGHTFALL, DG2017, 10th Annual Digital Graffiti Festival, Alys Beach, Florida, USA

2016 DRIVE THRU Q PARK, Level -3 , Cavendish Square, London, United Kingdom

2016 PROJECT TOBONG TOURING, Horniman Museum and Gardens, London, United Kingdom

2015 PROJECT TOBONG, Open 1, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, United Kingdom

2014 PROJECT TOBONG, Kuala Lumpur Photo Awards, Malaysia

2013 PROJECT TOBONG, Delhi Photo Festival, India

2012 THE PEOPLES MONARCH TOURING, Gatwick Airport,Television British Broadcasting Corporation, Turner Contemporary, Towner Gallery, Rochester Cathedral, United Kingdom

2007 Lu Feifei & Helen Marshall, Gao Brothers Art Center, Beijing, China

IN FOCUS, WHAT HAUNTS YOU? The Photographers’ Gallery, London, United Kingdom

SINCE, Gao Brothers Art Center, Beijing, China

2003 I AM A CURATOR, Perr Huttner, Chisenhale Gallery, London, United Kingdom

2002 NIKON Grand Prize Winner NPCI Hong Kong – China Tour

Other Work

  • NIghtfall | USA | 2017

    DG2017, 10th Annual Digital Graffiti Festival, Alys Beach, Florida, USA. A moving image work for the Digital Graffiti Festival projected at the entrance of the Festival and accompanied by a sound work.

  • Project Tobong | Indonesia | 2016

    Project Tobong was a collaboration between Marshall and Indonesian artist Risang Yuwono. It was a research and development art project with the Ketoprak Tobong Kelana Bakti Budaya, one of the last remaining theatre troupes in Yogyakarta, Java. The project was supported by Arts Council England, British Council, Gasworks, Open Eye Gallery, Horniman Museum & Gardens.

  • The Story of Stratford | Westfield | 2009 – 2011

    A two year Art Residency in London prior to the regeneration of Stratford and 2012 Olympic Games working with participants from local schools, Colegrave Primary School and Stratford School,  A commission by Westfield managed by A New Direction.

  • Home Sweet Cary | North Carolina USA | 2009

    An invitation from Cary Visual Art as part of their Public Art in Focus to consult with the local community. Marshall developed a proposal for an inaugural public art project, the first of it’s kind in Cary, that would challenge and stimulate the community as well as involve them in its creation. Read More

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