Giant Mosaic of Images | Videla | 2010

At the heart of the work is a portrait of an amateur boxer named Arthur James Bunce, made in 1927. This most gigantic album hit the Guinness Book of Records.... read more here....

Boxing Clever | The Sun | 2008

Standing tall... The larger than life boxing Grandad - which has set a world record after being created from 112,896 other snaps.

Poppy Art in Victoria Station | Londonist | 2006

We don’t normally think of poppies as June flowers, they’re more an autumn bloom in our consciousness. We wear poppies one day a year to remember those are serving or have served in the Armed Forces but apart from that one sober day in November, the poppy is forgotten...

Everybody Happy? | The Observer | 2005

What is the secret of feeling good? An ambitious new BBC series aims to cheer up the inhabitants of Slough - and do the same for the rest of us... read more here.  

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