At the People’s Picture, apart from our trademark giant photo mosaics, we offer a range of design & photography services.

Our team of creative professionals, all from arts universities and industry backgrounds, deliver a range of services, from graphic & web design and installations to photography and motion graphics.

We can orchestrate and design big promotional campaigns for creative and commemorative events.

Our integrated services offer a comprehensive solution to all visual communication needs, all with the warranty and prestige of The People’s Picture.

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Our services include:

  • Photo mosaics
  • Graphic design
  • Large print installations
  • Web design
  • Photography (Photo-calls, events and promotional)
  • Motion graphics/Video
  • Public campaigns
  • Exhibitions

Photo Mosaics

Collecting the photos is often a very personal and interesting experience for everybody. Behind each photo is a person with their own story, a fanatical collector full of personality, or a quiet voice that deserves to be heard. Our photo mosaics celebrate the individual and, when combined, is a great way to commemorate an event. 

Every project is different. No photo is the same, no story is the same, each project has its own narrative. We offer a wide selection of services to create the perfect artwork. Whether you want a large printed artwork, an interactive online zoom, or a motion graphic, our team will be able to help you achieve your vision with our detailed consultation process. 

Our photo mosaic services include:

  • Photograph collection via our GDPR compliant online campaigns and customised web forms using our secure ‘pixcollect’ system.

  • Creation of a personalised website or webpage for image collection and promotion.
  • Picture researching and licensing
  • Extensive studio production to create and refine the large high resolution gigapixel photo mosaic artwork via micrio.
  • Securely archiving and storing data and content.


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Motion Graphic & Video

We also create visually beautiful motion graphics, from exploding artworks for promotional material, to “calls to action” throughout your social media campaign. Our team are experts at creating an immersive experience through our artworks, and motion graphics and videos are the perfect way to wow your audience.

Our motion graphic services include:

  • 3D motion graphics
  • Animated photo mosaics
  • Multiscreen storytelling
  • Promotional videos for social media and website.
  • Digital online interactive zoom version of the artwork.

Click here to read more about our video process


Print & Digital

We work with highly skilled print and digital experts to ensure your installation is of the highest standard. We offer an installation crew to efficiently fit your artwork to your desired space, carefully overseeing the artwork from start to finish. Our professional print and install team ensure the artworks durability is of a high quality, with public liability insurance, method statements & risk assessments.

Print services include:

  • Proof prints to test quality, colour, durability
  • A variety of bespoke mounting and framing options
  • Multiscreen storytelling
  • Promotional videos for social media and website.
  • Bespoke graphics, plaques and vinyls to enhance your photo mosaic exhibition.
  • Detailed concept mocks ups
  • Site visits

Digital services include:

  • Interactive touchscreen artworks including visual storytelling
  • AV company hire to install and provide top line multitouch screens, LED installation screens, and plasma screens
  • Live edits of your artwork, manually added members of the public to your photo mosaic on site
  • Animated motion graphics


Events & Campaigns

An important part of the work is the build up and anticipation towards its final unveiling. As well as our trademark photo mosaics, we also run social media campaigns to promote project and calling out for submissions. 

Events and campaigns include:

  • Creating branded social media content to promote the project and engage audiences.
  • Photographers on site collecting images promoting your project.
  • Public speaking and workshops
  • Photo booths on site

Website & Graphic Design

With over 20 years design experience within our team, we can create beautiful bespoke websites to fit your project, with branding, design, security and ease of access in mind. We can create high quality catalogues, books, postcards, posters and limited edition reproductions to enhance your campaign.

Website services include

  • A consultation to guide you through the design process
  • Web hosting set up
  • Security set up, with anti-hacking, anti-spam and backup facilities
  • Bespoke website design with pages, posts, galleries, feeds, logos, video embeds etc.
  • Newsletters, branded upload forms for photos and data

Graphic design services include

  • A consultation to guide you through the design process
  • Logo designs
  • Entire rebranding
  • Printed material designs – magazines, business cards, guest passes to events, postcards, leaflets, booklets etc

Our Partnerships

PixCollect – Photo Collection System

The PixCollect system is a robust cloud-based platform for the collection and workflow management of uploaded images for curation. The People’s Picture uses this system in its campaigns to collect photos from the public; clients; partners; and organisations.

Several images can be uploaded at a time using a simple form, and large collections of images can be handled using a dedicated bulk-upload form. These upload forms can be embedded into any website, and several gallery styles can be easily embedded too. Viewers can search for their image in the gallery and share directly to their social media in just a few clicks.

The platform is entirely GDRP and ISO compliant, so clients can be sure that all data uploaded to the system is secure and private.

Features of the PixCollect system:

  • Embeddable form for image upload
  • Branded ‘thank-you’ and ‘congratulations’ emails sent by system
  • User details stored (GDPR compliant)
  • Secure login for both The People’s Picture and the client
  • Project management
  • Curation of galleries
  • Social sharing to Twitter and Facebook
  • Customisable gallery styles
  • Client access

Micrio – Interactive Gigapixel Viewer 

Micrio is an ultra high resolution image viewer available within the browser and compatible with all device types (mobile, tablet, desktop). Viewers can zoom in and explore our giant photo mosaics, as well as read our storytelling markers that tell the story of our featured photographs. Example artwork here.


Features of Micrio:

  • High resolution image upload
  • Interactive zoom feature, allowing viewer to explore the artwork freely.
  • Markers on featured photographs telling their story
  • Optional background music and video

Examples of Web Design & Campaigns

Apollo 50th Gala

Branding (print & web) for the 50th Apollo Gala celebration at Kennedy Space Center (USA) on 16 July 2019.
Celebrating 50 years of the Apollo II landing!

  • Logo & Branding
  • Print (brochures, panels, leaflets, invites)
  • Web design

See the project’s website

The Face of Stoke-on-Trent 2021

The People’s Picture was commissioned to create the artwork as part of Stoke-on-Trent’s bid to become UK City of Culture 2021. We were also responsible for:

  • Dedicated web design for the project
  • Leaflets and posters campaign across the city
  • Organising large public photo-calls

See the project’s website

The People’s Moon

The People’s Picture has been commissioned to create the artwork to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the landing on the Moon at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex (USA):

  • Dedicated web design for the project
  • Design promotional poster

See the project’s website