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The People’s Picture is appealing for you to feature in an enormous artwork to be unveiled in the Summer of 2016. From now until July 2016 you can upload your portrait, all eligible images will be used in the final artwork.

We will also be visiting Tower Bridge Road on 11 June inviting people to have their images taken.

Would you like to have your photos to feature in the artwork?

Then upload it using the form!

Or would you like to appear in the artwork or nominate somebody?

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About the Tower Bridge Road Art Commission

Southwark Council has partnered with the Tower Bridge Road Alliance and the artist Helen Marshall of The People’s Picture to create a new iconic artwork on Tower Bridge Road.

The work is being funded under the council’s High Street Challenge initiative to help promote the area and local businesses. The giant photo mural will respond to and communicate the site’s history to give the residents, local people and visitors a unique artistic experience.

Helen Marshall, Lead Artist and her team will work collaboratively with the local community and Tower Bridge Road Alliance to include as many people as possible during a whistle-stop tour of the area. She will also work with local archives to source images for inclusion. It is estimated the artwork will contain approximately 3,500 photographs and images reminiscent of the past, yet pointing to the future.

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Privacy Statement

Southwark Council, Tower Bridge Allience and The People’s Picture are fully committed to compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and have a legal duty to protect any information we collect from you.

See legal on footer and visit Southwark Council website for further information.

Terms and Conditions

By uploading and submitting your photograph and story you consent to and have complied with the following terms and conditions.

I am the copyright holder of the photo or I have received permission from the copyright owner to submit it and there are no third party rights that I am aware of.

That should any of the images to be submitted depict anybody currently under the age of 18 years that you are either the child’s parent or guardian or have sought permission from the relevant parent(s) or guardian(s) to use the image in this installation.

The outcome of the project, and any individual images supplied during the course of the project, may be published in any form or media on the Southwark Council’s website, Tower Bridge Alliance website or that of Helen Marshall, artistic director of The People’s Picture, without limitation and in the form of a presentation of the work on the internet and social networks and used for scholarly purposes, in print and promotional material, oral and visual presentations to the public and in further areas of the Southwark Council. In addition it will be distributed to national and international press who will receive a license to publish it in any form.

The image and its copyright will remain the property of the Southwark Council and will be used by artist Helen Marshall, the Southwark Council and by The Tower Bridge Alliance. Your contact details will remain strictly confidential and will be held by the Southwark Council.

Image Guidelines

To find out the file size and dimensions of an image that is stored on your computer:

Open the file where the image is saved.

Place your cursor over the image icon, and right-click if you are using a PC or Ctrl-click if you are using a Mac.

Choose Properties.

Click the Details tab. Scroll down to the: Image section – To view the image dimensions. File section – To view the image file size.

Online picture editor


Combining thousands of your photographs to create a single image, Photo mosaics are a dramatic and personal way to tell a story, commemorate an important occasion or promote an event.

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