I am Hammersmith

3, Shortlands | Romulus | 2019

A new public art commission by Helen Marshall, will engage the community of Hammersmith at Romulus 3 Shortlands, a prominent office building located on Hammersmith Road in the heart of Hammersmith’s Town Centre.

The artwork will celebrate the area, all who live there today, and it’s rich history. The artwork will be a centrepiece in the cafe reception area and feature people and places from Hammersmith and the surrounding area. All are welcome to participate and attend the opening.

The artwork is part of a new 7,000 sqft open plan reception/event/café area and is open to the public. The intent of this space is to create a vibrant area at the heart of the building where occupiers and residents can sit, have a coffee, relax and attend community and business events.

The final artwork will feature local faces and stories from the present from all walks of life and hopefully include faces and photos of the past so to inspire and educate.

Overview of Romulus

Romulus is based in the borough and is a large landlord for office space, co-working, retail, hotel and leisure space in Hammersmith & Fulham and beyond. We have a long history of commissioning art in our buildings and surrounding streets of Hammersmith & Fulham by artists that include David Mach, Bill Woodrow and Phillip King.










  • There is a character limit so we are able to share to social media, so for a greater chance of being featured we suggest a short and succinct story.
  • Frame your photo as a close up portrait showing head and shoulders. Each mosaic is made up of thousands of photos, and close up faces show better.
  • Be sure to share your photo submission once you receive your approval email! Tell the world your story and invite everyone to take part.

Suggested Questions

  • Do you live in Hammersmith?
  • Does your commute to work involve crossing the bridge?
  • Did you grow up locally?
  • Do you work here?
  • We want to see and  hear your stories about what Hammersmith means to you

Social Media


We can share your photo as follows but you must submit it through the form for a chance to have it included in the photo mosaic.



Twitter: @peoplespicture


Hammersmith Out & About


About United in Hammersmith & Fulham (UNITED)
United in Hammersmith & Fulham is a charity that enables activities which bring people, communities and neighbourhoods together to improve people’s lives. Its supports others to build stronger and more inclusive neighbourhoods and communities in the borough, linking those with time, money and skills with those in need.

About Humans of Hammersmith & Fulham
Humans of Hammersmith and Fulham offer glimpses into the lives of strangers who are neighbours in many ways, and invites others to get to know the borough through its people, taking away prejudice and inspiring discussion and sharing. It is a collaboration between Nahwand Jaff and Savraj Kaur, for United in Hammersmith & Fulham, cataloguing the incredibly diverse population, through a series of photographs and interviews.