Artist Helen Marshall of the People’s Picture has been commissioned by Canary Wharf Group to create ‘The Faces of Canary Wharf’.

Comprised of up to 15,000 individual photographs, and over 10 metres long once completed it will reveal a striking panorama of Jubilee Park. Original photographs from the extensive Canary Wharf archive have also been included in the mosaic, as well as portraits of members of the public that were captured during on-site visits by the artist and her team during Autumn 2015.

This work of art will show the historic development of Canary Wharf, with a special focus on people, arts and events.

Many thanks to all the participants that contributed to our mosaic, you can now browse and see if you find your picture on the gallery above that contains more than one thousand faces. Please note there are two pages to explore. For more information about the commission and it’s official unveiling in the Marketing Suite Winter of 2016 please visit the link below:

Portraits on-site at Canary Wharf


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