Eye on the Road

Southwark Council | 2016

About the ‘Eye on the Road’ Commission


Southwark Council has partnered with the Tower Bridge Road Alliance and the artist Helen Marshall of The People’s Picture to create this artwork. The work has been funded under Southwark Council’s High Street Challenge initiative to help promote the area and local businesses. The artwork is located on the award winning Bike Shed by Sarah Wigglesworth eco-architects on the edge of Bermondsey Square SE13FD, looking towards the south side of Tower Bridge Road, an area of diversity and activity.

The giant photo mural is made up of 1,955 individual photographs reflecting the local history and present day activities in and around Tower Bridge Road. Many thanks to the Bermondsey Street Festival, Team London Bridge, Brian Slater, Southwark Heritage Service, and The People’s Picture photographers Sara Leigh Lewis, Ambrose Hickman, Steve Pomfret for providing the photographs.

Launch Date: 9th November 2016

For any queries, please refer to studio@thepeoplespicture.com


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Eye on the Road

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