The People

Testimonials: The People

Together we make it

  • People are at the core of each project. People share their memories, dreams and celebrate through pictures.
  • Each photo mosaic comprises thousands of photos that represents each and every individual.
  • Working in a person centred way brings out the community as a whole.



The Photos

Thousands of photos are collected

  • Via Online campaigns where people can share and upload
  • Delivering workshops where photos are captured or old photos from the past are scanned
  • Working with established archives and collections of photos of days gone by
We were thrilled that over 25,000 people were able to view the artwork. Rochester Cathedral Spokesperson

Busiest weekend since our launch. Over 10,000 visit across the 2 days. Turner Contemporary Spokesperson

The Stories

Every picture tells a story

  • Collecting each story that belongs to each photo
  • Stories en masse can form one strong message
  • A curated selection of short stories alongside the photos creates engagement
My father has in his living room displayed proudly medals from his family. His Grandfather Charles John Atherton was in the 2nd Boer War and First World war, he has a photo of Charles John in his South Staffs uniform, red tunic but what he did not have was any photo of a great uncle (brother to Charles John) a William James Atherton who died in WW1 and is buried at Le Treport cemetery, I spent hours trawling local archive newspapers to find William James story and hope it can be used to preserve the memory of a once forgotten Soldier.

The Legacy

Lasting engagement

  • The Present – by creation of new pictures
  • The Legacy – Generating a living memory 
  • The Ownership – Everybody owns it which feels empowering and it stand the test of time


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