This week a giant photo mosaic has been unveiled on the outside of QUAD in Derby as part of the #massisolationFORMAT project at FORMAT21 International Photography Festival.

Created and produced by The People’s Picture for FORMAT21, the photo mosaic is composed of a total of 180,574 photos from the exhibition #massisolationFORMAT.
#massisolationFORMAT was inspired by the 1937 Mass Observation project, FORMAT invited people to use the hashtag #massisolationFORMAT to create a visual record of the Covid19 crisis on Instagram. This mass-participation project, set up at the beginning of the March 2020 lockdown, received over 40,000 photo submissions from over 90 countries, sharing people’s experiences living through a pandemic. The images came from a wide range of people – photographers, professionals, amateurs, members of the public – and came together as a large scale photo mosaic to commemorate this moment in history, and celebrate our collective emergence into the ‘new normal’.


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