Our Services


We work with both private and public clients and it starts with a personalised confidential consultation. This usually includes a face to face meeting or video call to understand what you need, a site visit, a proposal with mock ups and visuals, a timeline and an itemised costing based on your budget.

The consultation process also enables us to share with you our standard terms, licensing and client resource pack.


For public clients we design a dedicated branded web page and dynamic visual and motion content for your ‘Call to Action’. We can support your organisation’s marketing team to collect photos via a campaign. We can design stand alone websites and embed forms and live galleries on your website. With your active social media platforms  system you can share for example a ‘Photo of the Day’ as it comes in.

We work with you and your PR partners to ensure all user content is accessible to you in our CMS moderation system.


Using our dedicated secure GDPR and data processing compliant CMS we create customisable public upload forms and live galleries that are embedded into your dedicated page on our website. The contributor can then upload their pictures and stories from their computer or phone, as many as they like.

We design workshops and live photo pop ups with photographers. We can picture research archives and picture libraries, as well as public domain imagery.


We work behind the scenes in the studio pre-producing the artwork and provide examples of work in progress for review online, we visit you or you can visit our studio. We create and refine the photo mosaic artworks and provide you with proof prints of finishes and installation options. We follow your media guidelines and formats in advance of final production. For print & installation we produce a method statement, risk assessment and follow procedure on site.

We provide you adequate time to review and sign off the project officially. At the end of a project we securely archive the project and store it for up to five years.


We deliver the artwork on time, however small a project, we know how important this is especially if it is tied to an event. Whether it is an artwork designed for a temporary event, installation, exclusive gift or is permanent and part of a legacy plan we will ensure the appropriate strategy is in place and at the start of the consultation process.

Beyond just the final artwork and it’s immediate impact all the photos and stories can still be made into a commemorative book, an online interactive artwork, posters, limited edition prints, a documentary – so that the project can still go on living.

Our Partners

Print & Installation

We work with trusted professional print partners and suppliers in the industry to ensure your installation is of the highest standard and durable for the life span you desire. We offer an installation crew to efficiently fit your artwork to your desired external space, carefully overseeing the artwork from start to finish. We can fabricate, ship and fit all around the world.

Exterior Print Features & Services include:

• Highly durable permanent or temporary material

• Exterior UV, vinyl, foamex or dibond

• Site visit, dedicated print, construction & install team

• Building wraps & brick vinyls

• Anti graffiti coatings

• Architectural, vehicle & exterior furniture wraps

• Aluminium and Timber Hardwood Tray Frames

• Matt Laminate Damage Free coatings

Interior Print Features and Services include:

• Proof prints to test quality, colour, durability

• A variety of contemporary bespoke mounting and framing options

• Site visit & measuring service

• Additional printing signed editions

• Secure shipping & delivery

Digital Experiential & Interactive

We create multimedia gigapixel experiences for screen, projection, touchscreen, online and interactivity. We opartner with a strategic technology agencies and partners in web solutions. We create ultra high resolution image photomosiacs available within the browser and compatible with all device types (mobile, tablet, desktop).

Viewers can zoom in and explore, as well as read our storytelling markers that tell the story of our featured photographs. Examples here.

Experiential & Interactivity Features include:

  • Fully web-based
  • Offline Server-based
  • High resolution image upload
  • Interactive zoom feature, allowing viewer to explore the artwork freely
  • Markers on featured photographs telling their story
  • Optional background music and video
  • Enrichment & Storytelling options
  • Motion Video Graphics with Audio
  • Event Live Mosaics & Photo Kiosk Mosaics
  • 360 tours 
  • Timelapse Footage
  • Real Time Mosaics


How do we begin?

Make an enquiry on our contact page and fill out a few initial details and we can have a meeting, then follow all the steps on this page.

How much does it cost?

We are not making for the mass market, as every project is unique tailored to you. We advise you inform of the budget you want to work to on the enquiry form so we are able to accommodate the right service.

How do we collect all the photos and stories?

We create a complete web page or website branded to your project to collect the photos and stories. Our customisable public upload forms and live galleries are embedded into our website or yours and engage your audience via emails. 

We give you a personalised account for our GDPR-compliant secure content management system. Unless you have the photos collected and ready to go, all you have to do is give us your project branding and we create your campaign and you moderate them as they come in.

We also design photo workshops and live photo pop-ups with photographers. We can access archives and picture libraries, as well as public domain imagery as an extra service too.

Can you help us run our marketing campaign?

It’s totally up to you. You can run a campaign yourself based on our guidelines, and/or we can support your organisation’s marketing team or we can run a campaign entirely for you. With our active social media platforms we create posts like ‘Photo of the Day’ that feature a user submission with a great story, project partner hashtags and URL links. We can also collaborate and run social media ads with promotional content, calls to action and videos.

We work with you and your PR partners to ensure all user content is accessible to you and you can moderate and access it and share it to your platforms and press contacts.

Do you do private commissions?

Yes, we do, and they are not publicly shown to anyone since the artworks are often personal family pictures. We have a special contract for your privacy. We have been commissioned by celebrities and many clients from around the world. No job is too small.

Do you offer branding design for our project?

Yes, we do. Unless you have an identity already for the project, or have an agency or in-house designer, we offer services to brand your project, ranging from graphic design of the title and logo, so the look and feel ties in with what you want the project to communicate to your audience. We have templates for printed flyers, leaflets, pop-up banners, photography backdrops, posters and digital signage. We also have a web designer who can transfer these to websites in the form of banners and assets for you. We can create video promos for social media and websites, copywriting, press releases and text that describes the project clearly to your audience.

Can you use all my photos?

We can’t guarantee the inclusion of all your content and images and stories. This is a special request and is dependent on a number of factors such as scale and output.

How many photos do I need?

For a photo mosaic, we suggest a minimum of 1,000 photos. For smaller projects, we can work with less, at a push. Whilst quality is important, quantity is and many pictures can act as 'fillers'. We do provide a service to source more images for you too.

What is the maximum amount of photos you can use?

There is no maximum! We hold a world record for a photomosaic which contained 112,000 photos. Our interactives can be pixel-perfect and contain millions of photos.

What is the minimum and maximum size photomosaic you can make?

We can make it as big as you desire! and measured 857 square metres, the size of three tennis courts. We cannot and do not advise it to make a photo mosaic smaller than 1.5 metres on the shortest edge. This is because the smaller we go the smaller your individual images are and will not be visible

Can you make a photomosaic from any image?

Technically yes but we ask you to keep an open mind and work with the artist. In fact, the choice of the final image is the most important step of all, and we guide you to the right decision. We can decide at the outset or even better to work creatively together with some shortlisted images.

Can you frame and finish my piece?

Yes, we provide a bespoke service for many different finishes, timber and aluminium, tray framing, outdoor durable materials including delivery and installation.

Can you make a photomosaic in any output?

Yes! Print, Screen, Projection, Web, Interactive, Experiential, Touchscreen, Merchandise. The options are infinite.

Can you put the photo collection campaign on our website?

Yes we can, we also put it on our website and you can link to it. See above under Collection for more information.

Can you make us a branded project website?

Yes, we can with our experienced web and design team we can completely brand your project and provide you with a high-quality, visual and motion graphics and websites.

Can you crowdfund and add donations to the upload form for the public?

Yes, we can integrate Stripe or a similar finance platform of your choice so that contributors can make a donation on upload.

Can we share the photos and stories on social?

Yes, it’s simple with our integrated share buttons in our CMS. It depends on the contributor's terms and conditions and our service agreement in line with data processing laws.

Do you create content for the marketing campaign?

Yes, we provide a complete service bespoke to your project and we recommend this.

Are my photos safe?

Every individual submission is moderated by a human and by someone in your team. We offer a moderation service too. We will comply with all applicable data protection laws and shall, where applicable, ensure that Affiliates and Authorised Persons comply with all applicable laws and regulations including the UK Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA) and the EU Regulations 2018/1725, the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), US Data Protection law both Federal and  State “The Privacy Act 1974”, “California Consumer Privacy Act 2019”(CPPA), the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act 1998 (COPPA). 

We use a secure UK servers to store your data which has the highest standards for privacy and data security and has full hourly back ups, multi-layer DDoS protection, serviced by  world-leading data centre partners with  multi-layered malware protection. We take our data controller and processing responsibilities very seriously and are members of the ICO commission. For full details read our privacy policy.

Can we use images of children?

We practice due diligence and contact contributors who submit such images if we feel they need a second level of moderation. However we advise against encouraging contributors to submit photos of people under 18 without official parent of guardian consent. The Web is not the most reliable platform for this since anyone can be posing as an adult. Consider this in your campaign.

Can we see Work in Progress?

Absolutely. We want you to see our work and invite you to our London Studio and online presentations at opportune times during the creative process.

Can I make amendments?

Yes generally we welcome this, up to 5 reasonable requests.

Making a complaint

Complaints Procedure. Should you have any cause for complaint the details of the complaint should be provided, in writing, to the Artist at admin@thepeoplespicture.com. The Artist undertakes to investigate the complaint and provide a written response within twenty-eight (28) days of receipt. In the event the Artist requires more time to deal with the complaint you will be notified of the time line for the response to the complaint beyond the fourteen (14) days. For more informations see our privacy policy.

What do you do with my data ?

We keep a copy of your data on our secure servers and a hard drive in a secure lock-up safe, in our lock-up business space for up to 5 years after the decommissioning date, unless we have agreed to destroy or own or be licensed to it in perpetuity in our agreement. You can request a copy at any time. For more information see our privacy policy.

Do you work in my country?

Yes! We work everywhere and can deliver your project from our digital remote studios, although we would love to be invited to visit your country and meet with you. Our clients are from all over the world!